Printable 2017 Desk Calendar

  • Printable 2017 Desk Calendar

Printable 2017 Desk Calendar

A collection of 12 new patterns, each a digital collage using hand-marbled, stamped and painted paper. One pattern per month, each includes text about the pattern's imaginary vacation. 

12 - 4.65" x 5.5" cards for you to print, cut and gift away! (They fit perfectly in an empty CD case which can double as a stand.)

*This item is for a downloadable PDF, you will not receive a hard copy. Non-commericial use only. 

- The Panthenon in Rome, Italy
- The waves of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
- Textiles from Antigua, Guatemala
- The sunset in the Indiana Dunes
- Ombre skies in Death Valley, California
- Fan Palms in Rincon, Puerto Rico
- Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo, Japan
- The architecture of Montreal, Canada
- Onion domes of St Petersburg, Russia
- The Opera House in Sydney, Australia
- Glaciers in Antarctica
- Pyramids of Egypt