places i have never been

Once upon a time people were homesick, daydreaming of places from their past.

Everyday people want to decorate their home with affordable, modern art that they connect with.

One day I designed a series of maps that paired place-inspired patterns with clean typography.

People were excited these prints captured the spirit of "their place" + bought them for their homes and as gifts.

Until finally everyone had an economical + chic way to show their love of a place in their home.


In 2004 Jennifer started the "Places I Have Never Been" drawing series. She was driving to NH on a dark night listening to Modest Mouse. They have a line in a song that says "we named our children after towns, that we've never been to." She started day dreaming about places she had never been to and started to see patterns. When she got home, Jennifer started to sketch and decided to put the drawings together as a desk calendar gift for my design clients. People really enjoyed the calendar so she started to sell them and it organically morphed into a print series of "modern travel posters." Over 100 patterns have been created and dedicated to places around the world (from Charleston, South Carolina, to Bangkok, Thailand)...

Each year Jennifer picks 12 new places she has not yet visited and research details about them : what you would experience there, the color palette, what you would eat, who you would meet.

Jennifer does travel quite a bit. In high school she studied in Belize and Guatemala. In 2001 she backpacked through Europe stopping in Venice, Paris, Florence, Lausanne and Geneva. In 2009 Jennifer was married in the small surf village Playa Negra, Costa Rica and after honeymooned in Madrid, Spain and Marrakech, Morocco. She later went on to work for Aid to Artisians in Port-Au-Prince and Jacmel, Haiti. Proving that traveling after children is still a possibility she has taken her 3 year old son on a tour of Italy, as well as to Chicago and California.