Custom City Map Print

  • Custom City Map Print

Custom City Map Print

Do you want a Map Print for a City that we don't have available, or isn't on our list (see below). We can make a Custom City Map for anywhere you want. 

Cost: $200

What you get: You get 1 print on matte paper, (any size up to 18 x 24) and 25% off any additional orders of the Map we made for you. 
What you don't get: Copyright or digital files for the Custom Map. (If this is something you want please contact us for a buyout fee.)

1. Order here online.
2. Include an url (or upload a jpg) of the map that you want us to follow. We generally use City or Town neighborhood maps, ward maps, district maps ect... We will use this map to draw our outlines and then fill each area with different patterns. 
3. Let us know what year you want to use, we generally use the year the City/Town was settled.
4. Drawing the map takes 1-2 weeks depending on difficulty. We will email a proof before we produce your print.