JHill Personalized Prints

We have 5 different design for you to chose from. We've included who we think each design is "perfect for". Unsure? Just send us an email at info@jhilldesign.com and we can help decide which pattern, layout and text captures the essence of your special occasion. 

Personalized Art Print : City
Our Personalized City Print features a JHill pattern with a bold banner of text. The layout was inspired by vintage travel posters.

Perfect for: Art lovers who enjoy lots of color. Best bet when you want to include a lot of text.

Personalized Landmark Print

Our Personalized Landmark Print features a colorful landmark collaged from JHill patterns. 
Perfect for: Someone who has a strong connection to one of these 9 locations. Best bet when you want to include a lot of text.

Map Prints

Our Personalized Map Print features a silhouetted state or country filled with a JHill pattern. Bold text and a light, line drawing finishes the design. Combine any state or country with any of JHill's patterns. 
Perfect for: someone who loves clean, modern design. Best with minimal text. 
City prints for couples Personalized Prints for babies

Monogram Prints

Our Personalized Monogram Print features a pair of states (or countries) filled with a single JHill pattern, the couples logo, special year and a line of text about the individuals. 
Perfect for: the couple that likes a little pattern in their preppiness. 

Do you frame? Yes. Framing is outsourced to a fantastic framer in the Mid-West. It will add about 3 days to the processing time of your order. We charge an additional $100 for the framing. You will be offered framing when you add the print to your cart. 

How long does this take? We can get you a proof in 1-2 business days. The final print is made 1-2 business days after your approval. 


If I order more than one copy can I get a discount? Yes, please email info@jhilldesign.com to discuss. 


When do i do the personalization? First order your print here. Then an email will be sent to you directing you to our personalization site. 


What pattern / layout / text should I use? Email us at info@jhilldesign.com or chat with us on our website. We have lots of good ideas :)